Painless by Bill Poje

About the Book

Painless by Bill Poje

Painless follows the story of Augustus “Aug” Valentine, an undeniably attractive tall and slender man with hazel green eyes and a mischievous yet gorgeous smile. Aug is the President of the Trove Import Export Company in Fort Lauderdale. These aspects make him a ladies’ man. Aug apparently has it all.

What Aug lacks is a tragedy free past. The Valentine family is riddled with death and deceit from 1980 Detroit.

Moving on from his painful family history, Aug started operating Trove. The Import Company, along with the White Sands Bank and Destin Dreams Realty, were started in 1990 with “family” money. Normal business activity for Aug at Trove involves the occasional smuggling of goods into and out of the USA.

Aug’s romantic life has been similarly complicated. His marriage to Laurie ended and now he wants to propose to Jocelyn, his seductive and very liberated Jaguar saleswoman.

Everything seems to be going so well with Aug’s professional and personal life until $40 million worth of smuggled gemstones are stolen from him. Now he must recover the jewels or die.

Painless’ plot is well-crafted and packed with action, crimes, violence, love, comedy, greed, wit and irreverence. This entertaining novel is a metaphor for the natural and financial hurricanes slamming America. Painless is designed to entertain you with realistic characters that live in today’s world.

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